Vintage Texture Bird Pattern Wallcovering

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Our wallpapers will work great for temporary or long-term decor for homes, apartments, nurseries, schools, commercial venues, dyi projects, and more!

MATERIALS: fabric peel & stick and pre-pasted paper.


Pre-pasted paper comes with glue on backing that will activate once wallpaper is briefly soaked in water. This material has smooth texture, is PVC-free, phthalate and formaldehyde free, and is removable with water and light scrub.

Fabric peel & stick is applied by peel and stick application and has light canvas texture. This material is PVC-free, phthalate and formaldehyde free, and is removable with water and light scrub.

Each material is durable yet fully removable. Both materials will work for a nursery, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This wallpaper will not hold up on rough textured wall, 'orange peel' texture will work. We recommend to try on a sample on your wall first to ensure the best stick. The peel and stick adhesive may develop a stronger grip after 3 years.


Our wallpaper comes in rolls of selected width and height. The rolls will have pattern match across the wall. The rolls come numbered, and are installed from left to right, one panel overlapping another at about 0.5". Seams will be present.

Note that if you order one long panel and try to cut/paste to match pattern - it will not work. If you are unsure what to order, send us an email at and we will help customize your wallpaper at no cost. Be sure to provide the width and height in inches or cm that you intend to cover.

WALLPAPER CALCULATOR: Our wallpaper panels are 26” wide. Begin by measuring the height and width of your wall. The height will tell you the length of panel to order. To calculate the number of panels needed, divide your total width by 26 (or 66, if using cm). For example, if you wall is 104” (264 cm) wide, you need to order 4 panels, because 104 divided by 26 is 4. Make sure to always round up your final number.

Printed to order in USA with eco water-based latex ink for odorless and vivid results. Latex ink is Greenguard Children & Schools certified.

CUSTOM ORDERS: are welcome! Send us an email for assistance at

SHIPPING: Some orders over $200 will require signature upon receipt. We use an indirect signature method, where you choose if you want FedEx/UPS/USPS to leave a package by your door after you sign their notice. Please note we will not be liable to any lost packages. If the package is lost, we will open a case with the delivery service to try and find it.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: We create a custom product and print each wallpaper to order, therefore, no returns or exchanges will be made. If you received a faulty product, please send us an email with description to


We recommend to order samples first to familiarize with color, texture and application of the wallpaper material before committing to a large order. 

Note that the final color of the wallpaper may vary slightly from the sample as the paper may come from a different print batch. For this reason, we recommend to purchase full wallpaper order at once to avoid color variation.

Samples reflect real scale of the pattern.


Peel & Stick has woven canvas texture; self-adhesive.

Pre-Pasted Paper has smooth texture, thin, and comes with adhesive on the back of paper that's activated by water.

Non-pasted Thick Paper has stipple/pebble texture, and requires traditional wallpaper application with paste. Made of 32% recycled material and highly breathable. This paper is great environmental choice.

All materials are PVC-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, vinyl-free and lead-free. We use Greenguard certified water-based latex ink for print, save for nurseries and schools. Each order carefully crafted, printed and cut in USA. 

Helpful Ordering Information

•  Peel & stick and pre-pasted materials are considered removable. Non-pasted material is considered traditional and designed to stay on for longer periods of time.

• Wallpaper will not stick nicely to highly textured walls. The most allowable texture is ‘orange peel’. We cannot guarantee the wallpaper will stay on a textured wall or if applied to anything other than walls.

• Order full wallpaper at once rather than ordering a piece and coming back for more. The color variation may occur due to large volume print, as the new piece will come from a different batch.

• Seam will be present after the wallpaper is applied. We print with an overlap of about 0.5” to allow for a repeat of the pattern across the wall.
• Each wallpaper is custom printed to order. Due to the custom nature of each product, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

• Peel & Stick and Non-Pasted Traditional materials will work best for a bathroom.

• Use of primer for walls is optional. Apply paper to very clean walls for the best stick.

• Need custom size? Contact us for assistance. Be sure to send your measurements of width and height in inches. Sketches and photos also help!

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