Medium Circle Patterns Wallcovering

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We recommend to order samples first to familiarize with color, texture and application of the wallpaper material before committing to a large order. 

Note that the final color of the wallpaper may vary slightly from the sample as the paper may come from a different print batch. For this reason, we recommend to purchase full wallpaper order at once to avoid color variation.

Samples reflect real scale of the pattern.


Peel & Stick has woven canvas texture; self-adhesive.

Pre-Pasted Paper has smooth texture, thin, and comes with adhesive on the back of paper that's activated by water.

Non-pasted Thick Paper has stipple/pebble texture, and requires traditional wallpaper application with paste. Made of 32% recycled material and highly breathable. This paper is great environmental choice.

All materials are PVC-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, vinyl-free and lead-free. We use Greenguard certified water-based latex ink for print, save for nurseries and schools. Each order carefully crafted, printed and cut in USA. 

Helpful Ordering Information

•  Peel & stick and pre-pasted materials are considered removable. Non-pasted material is considered traditional and designed to stay on for longer periods of time.

• Wallpaper will not stick nicely to highly textured walls. The most allowable texture is ‘orange peel’. We cannot guarantee the wallpaper will stay on a textured wall or if applied to anything other than walls.

• Order full wallpaper at once rather than ordering a piece and coming back for more. The color variation may occur due to large volume print, as the new piece will come from a different batch.

• Seam will be present after the wallpaper is applied. We print with an overlap of about 0.5” to allow for a repeat of the pattern across the wall.
• Each wallpaper is custom printed to order. Due to the custom nature of each product, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

• Peel & Stick and Non-Pasted Traditional materials will work best for a bathroom.

• Use of primer for walls is optional. Apply paper to very clean walls for the best stick.

• Need custom size? Contact us for assistance. Be sure to send your measurements of width and height in inches. Sketches and photos also help!

Customer Reviews

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Robin O
Love the paper and pattern, had issues with printing of panels - patterns didnt align perfectly

Love the paper and the pattern. I like the easy of peel and stick. I have done wall murals in the past where you have to line up the panels, but I found this paper a bit difficult to line up properly. It seemed like the panels were slightly different ever so subtlety that it took way longer than it had to and I had to compromise on the patterns matching a bit here and there. The second panel for example was just a fraction off from the first in distance between the patterns so the patterns themselves were off. I had to try and pull it together so it didnt look completely off since the some of the circles were very visible if it was off. I took those circles as my exact match and tried to blend with the not so visible ones. It looks great now that it is up on the wall, but I had to keep repositioning it. I couldnt go from top to bottom as it stated to on the subsequent panels do to the significant amount of repositioning. I found it easier to just find the pattern I wanted to line up exact and go from there. I would probably buy this again as I said, its a great product.