Learn more about Green Planet wallpaper

Custom Print

Wallpaper by Green Planet is custom printed to order and ships as one large roll comprised of the smaller rolls in the ordered size. All rolls are numbered and ready to hang.

Pattern Match

Our wallpaper is made with a straight match to ensure seamless pattern across the wall. This means that each panel matches next to each other and should overlap each preceding panel by about 0.5". Seams are intended to be visible.


Peel & Stick

Woven texture material made of synthetic fiber with adhesive backing. Class A fire grade. This material is removable and repositionable. Our most popular type of wallpaper.

Pre-Pasted Smooth Thin Paper

Smooth textured paper material that goes up and comes down with water with water-activated glue pre-pasted on backing. Matte finish. Class A fire grade.

Non-Pasted Thick Textured Paper

Stipple textured thick unpasted material. Class A fire grade, type II commercial rating. Made of 30% post consumer recycled content and highly breathable material.


Exact measuring is required to determine the right amount of wallpaper to purchase. Measure the width and height of your space in inches. Divide the width by 25 to determine the number of panels/rolls to purchase. Use your height to select one of the height choices available. Remember to always add 5 to 10 inches to your height to ensure there is enough wallpaper to cover your space in case of uneven wall.

Custom cuts...

Wallpaper for a Space with Opening

Say you are wallpapering a wall that has a window or door in it. The first option would be to purchase wallpaper for a whole width and cut out the opening as you install.

The second option would be to measure the height and width of all spaces around the opening, such as, the distances from the wall to the window, ceiling to the window, width and height of the window, along with all others. Send us your measurements or provide a sketch with them marked for better understanding of the space.

It is important to note that any customization is not exact and trimming is still required at the time of installation. There are no extra costs for customized print, however, customization does not always result in lesser overall cost of materials.

Importance of...

Wallpaper Samples

Samples are intended to help familiarize with the pattern, material texture, and application of wallpaper.

Green Planet offers wallpaper samples of each pattern in two sizes available for purchase at each product listing. It is important to note that pattern is scaled smaller on the sample to showcase the pattern as a whole rather then a closeup of one element. We are happy to mail a sample of an actual pattern scale upon request, please contact us after making a sample purchase.


We recommend to have at least one helping hand for the wallpaper installation. Our peel & stick and pre-pasted wallcoverings can be applied by an amateur, while non-pasted traditional and grasscloth will most likely require professional help.

The tools that may help the application are razor knife and new sharp blades, smoother, water bucket or sprayer, roller, lever, wallpaper paste, and ladder. The use of primer is optional.

Wallpaper should be applied to smooth and even walls. The most texture Green Planet wallpaper would endure is the orange peel.